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What's The Procedure?

There's more to installing a Solar System on your home than simply screwing on some panels. We must prepare drawings that need to be reviewed and approved by the Utility Company as well as the City or County where the system is installed. Our licensed contractors will obtain permits to do the work and an inspection from the Utility Company as well as the local government must be done. All of these costs are included in your purchase or lease for the system.

What Do The Drawings Mean?

In the upper left-hand corner you see an Example of how a Solar System works in real life. The drawings are required for the permit and Utility Company application. Fig 1 shows the support structure layout, Fig 2 shows panel configuration, Fig 3 shows a detail about the attachment method for anchoring the system to your roof and Fig 4 is a line drawing of the power flow of the panels from your roof, to your main panel and then back to the Power Grid.

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